Holly Berry Background Card


The Holly Berry Happiness stamp set and Holly Berry Builder punch were two of the first items I purchased from the Autumn/Winter catalogue back in August when all us demonstrators could pre-order items and its a set which I have been unsure of. I love the idea of this set but I have struggled to make anything I like with it, until now.

The garland type stamps provide an ideal opportunity to create your own garlands and wreaths as focal points or as backgrounds as I have done here. I found to get the best results with these two stamps it was best to stamp in inside of the garland first and then the outline.

However when I came to stamp the larger separate holly leaves I found the opposite to be true. I couldn’t get the outline to line up over the block colour no matter which way I turned the stamp, but as soon as I stamped the block colour over the outline I had perfect stamping! So if you ever find yourself struggling a little with a two-step stamp set try changing the order in which you stamp the images…you might just be surprised how easy it could turn out perfect!

Happy Crafting

Joanne x

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